Sunday, 18 August 2013

Nayu's News #90 In which I cheat in my posts for a few days....

"And here I am again..."
I'm in resting mode at the moment, as I recover from a virus. I was going to put up reviews for the next few days, but I realised that wasn't going to happen. 
Which means today you get a fun few pictures, tomorrow  you'll have my usual Monday What Are You Reading Meme? 
Lots of lovely books in the book section of the meme.

AKB0048 isn't the only anime I've been watching...I have proof in the meme!

and Tuesday will be a surprise. Ok, I'll give you a clue - pirates are involved! 
Like Marika, teen pirate captain in the awesome anime Bodacious Space Pirates

Hopefully reviews will happen later on in the week. Some will be normal length, but the books I'm reading right now will have short 'n' sweet reviews. Amazingly I kept them short & sweet, which is a first! 

This is very sweet!

Advice of the week: stay away from germs! 
"No germs wanted here!" (Chieri & Nagisa from the anime AKB0048)

Failing that, rest, rest REST! That's an order. 

"Rest, huh?" 

Resting leads to happy Muse & happy writer!

"And what was that again?"

"Nothing energetic - this is ok!"


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