Saturday, 13 July 2013

Unlocking the Spell by E. D. Baker (Children's, 9 years +, 9/10)

9th May 2013, Bloomsbury, 264 pages, Paperback, Review copy
Themes: Sleeping Beauty with a secret, Cinderella with a not so lovely fairy godmother, 3 little pigs and a wolf who aren't as they seem, a bewitched fiance, helping others out, being the unpopular one, ogres who are bullies, animals who talk, the bonds of friendship, the bond of sisters, 3 bears but no Goldilocks, travelling on a quest, magical objects that do both good and evil, lots of confusion, enjoying a moment for what it is,

Content: Mild young romance, lots of laughs, some moderate peril

Summary from Bloomsbury
Annie has helped her sister Gwendolyn (otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty) wake up from the 100-year curse by reuniting her with Prince Beldegard, so you'd think that things would be back to normal. Think again! The beloved prince is stuck in the body of a bear and the only way that Annie can be free of the two irritating lovebirds is to come to his rescue - she must find the evil dwarf who cast the spell, and quickly . . . Luckily, Annie has her own handsome prince to hand - and many tricks up her non-magical sleeve.

Nayuleska's thoughts 
This is the only book in the series that I've read, and it can be a stand alone book. I felt right at home with Annie, who suffers a lot in silence while other grumble loudly about lesser things. She gets frustrated with her sister but continues helping her out because that's what close-knit families do. The range of fairytale characters made the book a delight to read, apart from the few moments when the story dragged a little for me. Advice gleaned from Annie's story: if an offer sounds too good to be true it probably is!

You can find out more on E. D. Baker's website

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