Monday 1 July 2013

New review term for NRC: Short 'n' Sweet

How Muse thinks she looks like today

Although she hasn't been able to edit, my Muse hasn't been idle this past week. She came up with a good idea of a new review phrase for NRC:

Short (and) Sweet! 

The term short 'n' sweet will be used when I've had to write short reviews due to being more tired than normal (which is a much lower energy level than a healthy person) or actually being ill, which makes my energy almost non-existent for functioning, let alone doing much thinking. I can't not review books - it's something that I'm so used to I need to do it otherwise I get grumpy. Obviously I need to take care of myself when I'm not doing so great, so shorter reviews are a compromise - I can still shout about the book, just in fewer words. A few friends still glare at me for expending any extra energy while ill, but I'd rather not be grumpy if I don't need to be! There will be a permanent note on the blog as to what this means - which took over a year to figure out how to do, Nayu in the June 2014 update of this post

What do you think of the term? Do you use anything like it on your blog? Do you like chibis? 
Another of Muse's looks - she loves the gothic style
The pictures shown are not by me - found them in an internet search.

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