Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fairy Animals of Misty Wood: Chloe the Kitten by Lily Small (Children's, 5 years +, 10/10 E)

Awww, so cute!
11th July 2013, Egmont, 136 pages, Paperback, Review copy
Themes: magical animals, magical wood, different areas of the countryside, different habitats, what animals eat, helping others, needing help, being lost, conquering your fear, wishes, happy reuinion

Content: lots of laughter, mild peril, tissues needed

Book Summary
Enter an enchanted world of animal friends! Each cute animal has its own pair of pretty fairy wings, and a special job to do in Misty Wood to make it a wonderful place to live.
Chloe the Kitten’s wings sparkle as she flutters through Misty Wood decorating the cobwebs with shining dewdrops. Along the way, she meets a little mouse who is lost and afraid. Can Chloe help him find his way home?

Nayuleska's thoughts
This series is insanely cute! I went 'Awww' from cover to cover as Chloe had her adventure. She had to overcome her extremely active imagination which produced terrible obstacles for her as she tries to help Martin the Mouse get home. It's a story focusing on helping others, and accepting help when you need it, as well as oodles of cuteness and moments when both the characters cried and I cried.

Suggested read
Another cute animal series is The Railway Rabbits by Georgie Adams & Anna Currey - check out Berry and the Amazing Maze (Children's, 5 years +, 10/10) 

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