Thursday, 25 July 2013

Billy and Monster's New Neighbor Has a Secret by David Chuka (Children's, Picture book, 9/10E)

April 2013, Createspace, 32 pages, Ebook, Review copy 

different types of neighbours, new neighbours, good and bad manners, sharing, being nice to others, making friends, people not acting as you expect them too 

lots of laughs

Summary from Amazon UK (I don't receive anything from mentioning them) 
 In this fourth episode in the very entertaining series for kids of all ages, Billy and Monster get to meet a new neighbor who has a secret. Billy and Monster live on a beautiful street with some very interesting neighbors like Mr Forgetful, Miss Squeaky and Mr GrumpDaddy whose been banned from the local butchers. Why? Because he always gives them grief when he goes to get some beef. On a Saturday morning while playing racing cars with Monster, they hear a knock at the door. Billy's Dad opens the door and they're introduced to their new neighbors - The FeelGoods. After an incident involving screams and flowing streams of tears, Billy goes to Sally FeelGoods house to make peace. And then he discovers that Sally has a COLORFUL secret that leaves Billy's mouth open as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Nayulseka's thoughts
Although I wasn't sure what Monster is (an alien?) and I felt the end came a few pages to soon, I was engrossed in the story from cover to cover. The style of illustrations matched the story perfectly - my favourite was when Sally's secret is revealed because Billy is so surprised and Sally looks as if she finds Billy's reaction amusing. This may be book 4 in a series but it can be read as a standalone book.

You can find out more on David's website.

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