Sunday, 16 June 2013

Winners of Victoria Eveleigh's Joe and the Hidden Horseman

At last I can announce the winners of this awesome book, Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe. I've since heard back from the lovely Orion publicity team who have given the go ahead to send the UK books to me, so that I can send them to everyone who entered the international prize, because there were no UK entrants! How cool is that! 

The winners are: 


Mary Preston!



Congratulations to you all - you should have an email awaiting you (if not do get in touch) with details about receiving the book. 

For the rest of you fear not - there is a competition coming up at the end of the month - yay! Keep your eyes peeled! 
I'm sure Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf wishes you congratulations on winning!


Mary Preston said...

It's very cool thank you!!

Nayuleska said...

^o^ I have just received the books, so they will be on their way this week.