Monday, 17 June 2013

What are YOU reading? #171

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.


Sticker Dolly Dressing Parties and Shopping Girls
Children's, 5 years +
(Lots of gorgeous outfits stickers to create in this engaging read...)

Grounding Quinn by Steph Campbell
New Adult
(Quinn's life is already a bit stuffed up, and she manages to make things worse!  But, there is hope for her...)

Delicate by Steph Campbell
New Adult
(Domestic violence isn't a nice subject, but Steph deals with it sensitively in Sydney's story...)


Invisible Girl by Kate Maryon
9 years +
(I'm so glad Gabriella gets a happy ending as she goes through so much living rough!)

Infinite Sky by C J Flood
Young Adult
(The price of prejudice and misunderstanding of cultures is high for Iris...)

Spy Society by Robin Benway
Young Adult
(Being a teen spy seems like the hardest job in the world for Maggie!)


REWATCH! - Anime, Japanese version
(Not many episodes to go until the awesome finale - currently liking Chieri more than I have in the past!)

Yumeiro Patissiere
Anime, Japanese version
(I'm now on episodes I haven't seen and I love how much Ichigo has matured since she first started the patissiere school!)

Shugo Chara Doki!
REWATCH! - Anime, Japanese version
(Just seen Utau's first-ish concert after she leaves Easter [evil music company] and one of her charas, Eru, never fails to make me laugh when she forces Amu to transform and promote Utau's concert...)

My Little Pony, Season 2
Anime, English version
4/10 - 9/10
(The double bill first episodes creeped me out in a big way - there's  weird and there's creepy weird. I will never watch them again. Ever. Or episode 4 which is also too creepy [hate Halloween at the best of times]. The rest of the eps that I've seen redeemed the series.)

Winx, Season 4
REWATCH! - Anime, French version
(*squeals* I'm loving this more than ever - which as some of you know is a lot!  I'm mid-season and Musa's musical career is taking off!)

24 Hours In A&E
Medical documentary, English version
(I watched an episode because it focused on a guy with chronic pain, and was interested to see how others cope with it...)

Waterloo Road
Drama, English version
(Me and a friend are gripped by the current plots which include domestic violence and rape - I wish all girls like Dynasty can have the vital support they deserve...)

Horizon: The Secret Life of the Cat
Documentary, English version
(A study with cameras on collars of cats in an English village show what our furry friends get up to when they aren't with us...)

Audio Books

Young Adult, CD
(Expect a blog post soon on my conversion to the audio word - but only of books I've already read...)


A little crocheting.  This week's health blip meant I've needed more time resting. Here's a peek at the overall project I was working on...

...and here's a close up of the 6 inch crochet squares; the yarn is nice and thick, right?  When they are finished, they are going to a charity for the elderly. ^_^

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