Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nayu's News #81 That's how it goes


Well, the busy week which I blogged about on the weekend is coming to a close. I have the go ahead for my ketamine tomorrow - whoohoo! 

I might end up snoozing for a bit of the day....
 I probably am weird for being so excited about spending an entire weekend in bed feeling bleh, but after the leg cramp made my usual high pain worse, I'm looking forward to some more relief. 
I'll feel so awesome afterwards!

Muse is eager to have some fun with me - the feeling's mutual! 
Me & Muse working together

For those of you wondering where my children's reviews are - since all I'm doing is Young Adult - don't panic! 
 I'm catching up on Young Adult before Ramadan starts (I'll post more about it next week), which includes my reviews (barring the 1-2 blog tours I'm already doing in July). As soon as all my Young Adult reviews are up, then it's lots of children's books. Believe me when I say I have some totally adorable reads whose mere covers (not that there's anything mere about these cute pictures!) will make you want to melt & go 'Awww!'
Like this one!

Or this adorable kitten one!

Now, all books reviewed this weekend will have extremely short reviews with only the basic details, a summary, and 1 or 2 lines of what I think. 
"I'm watching you..."

This is because a dear friend is 'eye-ing me' about the fact that I'm noting down my reviews when knowingly ill - in my defence my memory is so dire if I don't write something when I finish a book it takes longer to write something later. So uber short it will be. 

Scene from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere
Tonight I'm going to settle to watching TV & anime, since both will vanish over the weekend as I can't handle watching stuff after ketamine treatment. Yes, this is me saying I will not be watching anime because I can't. It's like when I'm ill and all I can do is read. Which is no bad thing! 
This will be me this weekend

Time for me to go - my cat is in a sulk in her bed (because there were fireworks on the TV and she didn't like them), so I probably won't see her for most of the night. Hope you all have a good one, enjoy the one review I've scheduled for tomorrow and I'll be around on Tuesday.

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