Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nayu's News #80 A busy week ahead

Now, what am I doing next?
As ever, pictures gathered from online and quotes by me, Nayu. 

This week is hopefully a busy one. Tuesday I've got my 6 monthly check up at the pain clinic! 
A happy Chiyafuru from the anime titled Chiyafuru (or is she called Chiya....?)
The reason I'm so happy is that it's my first 6 monthly check up - before I was going every few months for ketamine treatment. Hopefully I can continue with it at home, which is suiting me very well. 

My cat might come and sit with me. Equally she might just stay in her bed.
Wednesday will be spent recovering from the long trip. 

I like catching up with my friends at work after I've been off for a day or two.
Thursday I'll be at work, just as I am on Monday. 

& Friday....

Well, I will be feeling the opposite of happy after a few hours. I hope to be happy because so long as the pain clinic give the OK I can have my ketamine this weekend, to get rid of the extra pain caused by the stupid leg cramps the other week! That will be a very good thing
"Nice drugs, evil drugs, all are one and the same..."
I will be spending from Friday to Sunday in bed - it's easier to feel rubbish there than on the sofa. It's becoming a routine when I have my ketamine treatments, one I sort of look forward to because I feel better afterwards. I usually get a lot read during that time. 
When I'm able to sit up and don't feel worse, that's when I know I'm on the road to recovery.

"Typo, typo, speak to me! Let me find you!"
I'm also happy because a friend finishing her PhD has asked me to read her thesis - this will be finished before Friday, as I'm not responsible for my thoughts on spelling & phrasing while under the influence of a drug which horses are given.
Me, chilled out    

So I am frantically scheduling up posts for the week - please exuse the bizarre text at the top of my blog, I have no idea where it is from and zero ideas of how to remove it. I'm well on my way to finishing my Young Adult reads before Ramadan starts - yay! 
You know how much I love books! Will still be reading them, just ones without romance.

Have a great week, and I'll pop back to report in on things when I can. 

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