Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nayu's News #77 A stormy start to the week

This week didn't get off to the best of starts - I wish it had been a storm (even though I'm rather scared of them and feel like hiding whenever I hear one) 
If I could hidee under a bucket/flower pot, trust me I would!
Nope, early Monday morning I woke with excruitating pain my legs. It's called cramp, only it was at mega strength for several hours. 
Ouch was an understatement
After I dozed for a bit it was marginally better and I headed off to work. If it hadn't have been better, I wouldn't have gone in. 2 and a bit days later the pain is still bad (but it is decreasing each day a little), and I'm feeling exhausted from it. We're talking pre-ketamine pain, which is EVIL!
Any extra pain can just stay away, got it?
I've contacted my specialist clinic, and they are going to see if there's anything I can do to help prevent this (as people with my condition can be prone to cramps) or ease the symptoms once they appear. I'll keep you posted on that. 
I'll be waiting for an email, but hopefully I'll be smiling when I get it like Alicia in the anime Aria the Animation
It's made me very grateful for the relief I do get from ketamine - I don't want to return to how it was before! It made me so miserable. 
Stay away, stay away, stay away!

So I'm resting up with books 
And lots of chirpy anime like Winx 
The laughter and friendship makes me smile
Shugo Chara
Utau's just had her first concert since she went solo
Upbeat AKB0048 
Kanata and Mimori are the 75th trainees - I love Mimori's hair! & she's lovely.
And anything else I fancy - probably some more Yumeiro Patissiere tonight. 
Ichigo loves cake...well, she is training to be a patissierre, and I will need to have hot chocolate when I watch this (I'm out of cream cake)

Rest is a priority right now, as only time will get me back to normal (hopefully). I've rescheduled lunch with a friend I was due to have on Saturday to the following Saturday. That way I can have extra time this weekend to take things easy. 
Resting lots!

This means all my projects (writing/craft) is on hold. In craft club today instead of doing crochet I did a sticker book (& finished it so watch out for a review soon!) 
It made me feel a little artistic.

Time for me to get some lunch (yum!) and chill out. My cat might deem me worthy enough to come and say hi from her all day nap - only around food time! Stay well! 
I love this outfit!

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