Friday, 21 June 2013

Invisible Girl by Kate Maryon, Children's, 9 years +, 10/10E

6th June 2013, HarperCollins Children's Books, 272 pages, Paperback, Review copy,

Themes: domestic violence, child neglect, being alone, wanting help, trusting too much, thinking the best of people, having to live rough, being forced to commit crimes, the power of prayer and faith, connections with people, being used and hated, darker side of life, generosity, having a treasured toy, being too scared to talk, making friends who care for you and those who don't, kindhearted people who help because they want to, having the peace and tranquility everyone deserves, vulnerable children, a safe haven in a boat

Content: domestic violence (unseen, only referred to), mild suggestion of drug dealing and human trafficking,major and minor peril, tissues needed

Summary from HarperCollins
 Gabriella Midwinter used to have a home. She wasn’t invisible back then…

“What’s strange is that the day it actually happened, everything seemed so normal.”

Caught between arguing parents and moving house, twelve-year-old Gabriella somehow slips through the cracks. Now she’s more alone than ever before. The city streets are no place for young girls but they’re all she’s got.

Unless she can find her brother Beckett. Unless she can find her home.

 Nayuleska's thoughts
So if you are like me, crying when Gabrielle is cruelly treated, no one cares for her, when she's mistreated and dragged into dark street life, when she loses her treasured toy and the entire last chapter because it is a miraculous dream come true you will need more than one tissue to read this soul gripping story. I didn't know TheBig Issue Foundation had the equivalent for helping children like Gabriella.

You can find out more on Kate's website.

Suggested read

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Kate Maryon said...

Thanks so much for giving Invisible Girl such a lovely and very thoughtful review! Big smile on my face! Lots of love, Kate Maryon x

Nayuleska said...

You've made me smile too! It was an awesome, tissue needing read.