Friday, 7 June 2013

Dark Friday #1 What I might be up to

If you see this picture, it'll usually mean it's a Dark Friday post

Welcome to today's Dark Friday post! I'm pre-scheduling this post, and will not be tweeting about it until Saturday, as part of my no blogging/tweeting/emailing/writing/reading new policy for Friday's. Full details of Dark Friday can be found here

I thought I'd show you what I'm probably doing right now (post 4pm when I'm home from work & relaxing). 
Alas I don't play game with a friend or on a pink controller, but the rest of the picture is accurate!
Working on some sewing (probably cross stitch)

Clicking 2-4 needles together (4 = sock knitting) - I don't have a cute penguin and won't be in bed, but I will possibly be accompanied by my cat.

I might crack on with my jigsaw puzzle

I'll be engaging my artistic self and doing some scrapbook-ing!
What I get up to will be included on Monday 17th's What Are You Reading? meme. Until then I hope you have a fab weekend!
Enjoy whatever you do!

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