Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nayu's News #63 Strawberry nom-iness!

"Nom nom!"
All quotes are by Nayu, all pictures are found online somewhere. 

This cute cat eating a strawberry looks as happy as I was an hour ago. The fruit & veg scheme I'm on had strawberries for sale for the first time this year. Here's my reaction. 
I'm just like Kirino from the awesome Kendo anime Bamboo Blade when she's happy
So I bought them. They arrived this morning...and they are huge! They are bright red, with a strong strawberry smell. 
"All mine! This is my strawberry!"

They aren't too sweet or sharp, aren't too hard - they are just right! They aren't the cheapest fruit going - not that organic fruit is ever cheap - but they are a yummy treat to look forward to each day. 
"What did you say - every day? Why not eat them all at once?"
Yes I did say each day. I'm making sure they last until next week, when I might have to get some more (such a shame...) 

In other news, I'm having a patch of not sleeping well. I'm hoping that my body straightens itself out soon. 
"I need to hide the clock so I can't see it each time I wake up."
Sleep deprivation is a nightmare. Been there for many months before, and I hate it. I'm giving it a week, then I'll see my doctor. 

On the plus side I'm starting to say hi to friends I haven't been in touch with for an age, and they are saying hi back! 
Alicia from the anime Aria with a letter
Who have you caught up with recently? It doesn't have to be a long letter/email - just a quick hi, I'm thinking of you can really make someone's day!
Friends, both human and animal, help you through life and make you smile ^o^

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