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Faith in Nature Face Cream, Deodorant & Shower Gel Review (10/10)

Note: although I am linking to Faith in Nature website where you can buy their products, I paid for the products myself and don't benefit from mentioning them.

For a change, this isn't an anime or a book review! The reason I got these products is that although I've been eating some organic food for a while, only recently had it occurred to me that the products I use for both skin and body care aren't all best for my body, not with all the long lists of chemical ingredients that I don't have a clue about. This is all thanks to Andrea and her blog Simple Organised Living. *waves hi* 

As some of you know I don't read many blogs. I don't have time, as reading is energy, and energy is permanently in short supply for me. After a good friend, fellow writer & blogger Amy of Declutter Manifesto mentioned that parabens aren't a good thing, I searched a bit for websites which looked at healthier, more natural living and stumbled across Andrea's blog. (In case you didn't read the first paragraph properly, as I sometimes skim read posts), her blog is Simple Organised Living). Wow. Her's is the one blog I read every single day because the posts are inspiring, are very human (she admits her faults and mistakes), and funny. It's easy to get tips to use in my own life, and I don't feel bad when if I'm not able to try things.

Reading about Andrea's experiment with using oils on her face, I got thinking about more natural products. I'd love to make the concoctions for creams/lotions/oils, but again that takes energy which is limited for me. So I turned to searching for organic products online. Again with the wow! There are so many sites, it was hard to choose which to try first. I opted for Faith in Nature because it looked professional, modern, and I liked the style of the product designs. 

Here's what I've used so far

I'd had a different brand of organic moisturiser, but it ran out. I wasn't able to get some more since the place I get it from isn't somewhere I go weekly, or even every month. So while shopping I grabbed a random one off the shelf, non-organic. I didn't like the smell (it had been the only one there), and when I read Andrea's blog I wanted to chuck it in the bin and get a new one. Although in reality it wasn't a long wait between ordering this face cream and using it, to me it felt extremely long. I wanted nice & natural stuff going on my skin, rather than a whole load of chemicals. I know, I know, I probably could have made my own natural cream with kitchen cupboard ingredients, but that takes energy, which as you know I don't have. 

Wow! (I so need to find a new adjective, but for now forgive me as it's the end of the day and my brain seriously isn't working all that well). I opted for intense because my skin is extremely dry a lot of the time. It comes in a nifty tube so you can see how much you've used up. It is light and not greasy. I put a blob way smaller than a pea on my fingers then spread it over my face (forehead, then on each cheek). It spreads out far enough to cover everywhere. My skin is feeling so good now I'm using this. I will try the ordinary face cream from Faith In Nature at some point, but I suspect this special intenstive moisturiser will be my main product. Equally as soon as I finish up my current cleanser & toner I'll be switching to Faith In Nature.

Yes, thinking about what I put on my skin extends to all areas of skin. I never knew what's in the brands I used to use (note the past tense, this gives a clue on what I think about FiN deodorant). So long as it had no alcohol, I used it. No more! This is an extremely gentle deodorant. By that I mean the fragrance isn't too strong and synthetic. It's spring-like, and reminds me of being outdoors with the sun shining down as I hide in the shade (me and the sun don't mix). 

It says that is for both men and women. Me, I'd say more women but it is subtle enough I guess men can use it. I like how the cap screws on and off. It's easy to apply. No idea about streaks/white marks, but I haven't found any some I guessing they aren't there. Now the real nifty part is that it's reusable! I haven't used it up but I got curious about how to refil it. I thought it would be extremely difficult to twist the bottom which takes out the main part of the deodorant (the part you replace). It was as simple as getting the cap on and off. It's secure enough that it won't come off by daily use - a quick twist is all it takes to make it tighter. 

I don't know about you but I like the idea of deodorant being refillable. I'll report back when I get round to using the refill. There's enough of a price difference between getting a refill and just buying a new deodorant which makes reusing the main deodorant with the refill worth while.

Having organic shower gel is mostly a new deal for me. I've had previous natural products in the past from a relatively famous company, but I wanted more natural scents rather than zaney ones using natural products. Although I had enough chemical filled shower gel to use for one more application, I broke into my new FiN shower gel to see what it was like. 

I'm really sorry but I'm saying wow again! The gentle, refreshing smell made me feel relaxed. You really don't need a lot to make some bubbles. It glides along the skin, spreading the scent around without being greasy or oily. I like it enough that I'm already working out which fragrance I'll try next. I think I'll alternate a new fragrance with this lavender & geranium shower gel as I love it so much I don't want to be without it for more than a day or too.  

Nayu's final thoughts

I did get two other products with this order, but I'll wait until I use them before reviewing them. The speed of delivery was good. I was regularly informed on the order's status. I even got free samples of hand wash with it! The pomegranate & rooibus hand wash isn't for me - which I already suspected and thus ordered a different fragrance - but I'm pleased to have been able to try it in a sample product. For now I'm so impressed by Faith in Nature I'm not wanting to try a different brand. I hope to sample most of their products at some point this year, and I promise to review them all too! 

Final note before I go: what  you use on your skin is a personal choice. I know that sometimes cost factors into it, and in that case you have to try and ignore what the product contains because it is all you can afford. You can always put some organic products on your gift list, or mix your own with various oils and kitchen based ingredients (if you have the energy for it) which in the long run can be cheaper than buying products. Caring for your body is an important part of being human, so whichever products you use make sure you enjoy them!

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different review - I certainly loved compiling it!

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