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Film Friday #1 Barbie & the Diamond Castle and Barbie Princess and the Popstar (Children's, U rating, 9/10)

After several title attempts I finally settled on one for my film reviews. Film Friday means that I shall review a film or an anime episode(s)/series on a Friday. I won't necessarily watch the films on the Friday, but it just so happens that for my first post I did. 

Barbie films in general 

I never had Barbie as a child. I wouldn't pick her as a good role model, although she does have some reputable characteristics. However, I was intrigued by the movies when I was trying to find some new French films to watch. I thought I'd give them a go. Some are ok, some I love. I hate the guys in them. I always watch the French version. They are good for a fun film.

Barbie et le Palais de Diamant/Barbie and the Diamond Castle
 (Liana (left), Alexa (right))
Film Summary from Amazon (I get nothing from mentioning them) 

 Barbie™ and Teresa™ tell us the fairy tale story of Liana™ and Alexa™, best friends who shared everything including their love of music. One day their simple lives change when they are given an enchanted mirror and befriend the girl trapped inside! To save their new friend, Liana™ and Alexa™ embark on a dangerous journey to the hidden Diamond Castle that will put their friendship to the test. But through the power of song and with the companionship of two adorable puppies, the girls face their challenges together and learn that friendship is the true treasure.

Nayuleska's thoughts

I watched the French version, since for me that's more fun than the English version. There's heaps of singing and dancing which was pretty good. I loved the strength of friendship between Liana and Alexa. All they want to do is be happy and help others. Unless they are enchanted by an evil Muse, who is the main enemy in this film. Her sidekick is a dragon who was scary but also a little cute (had he been good) who is a bit dim-witted. 

I was totally enchanted by the outfits the girls wear - they were elegant and colourful, and somehow never snagged on anything or got muddy. Funny, that! The puppies were distinguishable and added extra humour. I was chuckling away at the two guys who rescue Liana & Alexa - they are twins and very full of themselves. I cheered when the girls managed to ditch them. I'll definitely be watching this film again. 

Barbie La Princesse et La Popstar/The Princess and the Popstar
 (Which is which?)

Film Summary from Amazon (I get nothing from mentioning them) 
In this sparkling musical adventure, Barbie™ stars as Tori™, the kind-hearted princess of Meribella who would rather sing and dance than perform her royal duties. When her favorite pop star Keira™ visits the kingdom, the girls discover they have much in common, including a magical secret that lets them look like one another.

At first, swapping places seems like a great idea, until each girl realizes that the other’s life isn’t as easy as it seems! But Meribella also has a magical secret, and when it’s stolen, the whole kingdom is put in danger. Will true friendship save the day?

Nayuleska's thoughts 
This is a take on the classic story, The Princes and the Pauper. Personally it's the funniest one I've ever seen. It's nice and girly. Tori works hard as a princess. I enjoyed the fun she had the younger ones in her family - it was carefree, unrestrained by rules and regulations. I didn't know why she (or Keira) had magical objects  and other people didn't, but who cares! What the objects did was very entertaining - Tori has an amazing sense of humour. Keira also works hard as a popstar, yet is feeling constrained by being told what to do all the time, and not being free to sing her own songs. 

Both girls have a blast when they change into each other. Yes there are hiccups, but they merely add to the humour - until it goes wrong. Then each girl uses what is unique to her to get through the dangers. Once again I adore all the costumes - come on, who wouldn't love the all purple Keira? It would have been awesome if her purple hair was her natural colour. Their two dogs are so different in character, but manage to help the girls out in their swapped roles. I got a tiny bit bored when the focus wasn't on Tori or Keira - that's because they have a blast! Definitely a film to rewatch, with good values about helping others and being true to yourself.
Nayuleska's conclusion 
The reason both films reviewed get 9/10 is because the guys are stupid in both films. Seriously stupid. It's a good thing I'm more interested in friendship and fun. They made me laugh and cringe a lot.Thankfully the rest of the films more than make up for the inadequate male cast.

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