Monday, 24 September 2012

What are YOU reading? #134

What are you reading on Monday? is a weekly meme hosted by Rachel at Home Girl's Book Blog where you post books completed last week and plans for upcoming books. Jump over to her blog and see who else is participating.

Books I've read

Suzunari! Vol 1 by Shoko Iwami
Manga, Young Adult
(An extremely funny read with an enthusiastic new sister...for more, check out my review!)

Envy by Elizabeth Miles
Young Adult
(I suspected part of the end and its so awesome!!  My review...)

Sapphire Battersea by Jacqueline Wilson
Children's, 9 years +
(A dreamer discovers the harsh reality of life, making good friends along the way...)

WWF Wild Friends Snow Leopard Lost
Children's, 5 years +
(Teaching natives about how precious endangered species are is hard work!)

Ocean of Secrets by Aimee Friedman
Young Adult
(Extremely low mermaid action...) 

Nina and the Travelling Spice Shed by Madhvi Ramani
Release Date:  October 1st 2012
Children's, 7 years +
(Charming story about embracing your heritage...)

Worth a mention

The City's Son by Tom Pollock
Young Adult
(I read 5 chapters, but had to stop as one of the two point of views was too dark and gruesome for me. The female protagonist is awesome and has a Muslim girl as her best friend. Of what I've read so far I'd say it's an 8/10 read. I wish I could read more, but it's not for me at this moment in time...) 

What I've watched

H2O: Just Add Water 
...Australian mermaid series, which rules. I finished season 3, which is the final season. The end was brilliant! I'd cheated and read summaries of what lay ahead, but I still enjoyed it loads. I've already started watching it from the beginning - episode 1 of season 1. What's even cooler is that while I was looking it up online, I discovered there's a spin off series, Mako Mermaids which will be out next year!!! How cool is that? Slightly different concept, a boy becomes a mermaid and the 3 girl mermaids have to help him out. Can't wait! Hope it makes it to Netflix...or DVD...

Beyond the Break
...another Australian series (Apologies, it's American, not Australian. Not sure why I thought Hawaii was in Australia...), this time about surfing. Minus the obvious beach wear attire, this is really time relationship wise, no swearing, some drinking, a little substance abuse but only as part of the story line - the characters did it for the wrong reasons and are now off them. It shows how complex surfing is - and how competitive. I like it :) 

Waterloo Road 
...this week's was fairly dramatic, I'm loving the new series. 

The Great British Bakeoff
...each week this competition gets harder. I was a bit stunned by the end result, but it'll make for a fun watch next week. It always makes me hungry (no surprise there). I'm looking forward to next week which includes making donuts/doughnuts/duffnuts

Shugo Chara
...this really doesn't need an introduction! It's awesome. Need to watch some more soon. 

Barbie: Le Secret des Sirenes #1
...I know, I know. It's Barbie. (The French version - I have to watch it in other languages, ditto most anime as English voices have a tendency to annoy me) Which I'm against in principle. And yet I thought I'd enjoy the cuteness. I'd watched one of the movies ( a fairy one) which was entertaining (nothing like Winx). Don't get me started on the whole Ken thing! But in this mermaid film, there was no Ken (thankfully) as Barbie wasn't herself, she was a totally different character. Having a mermaid phase means I thoroughly enjoyed all Barbie's antics - it was a clever storyline two. There is a sequel, but I don't have that (yet!). 

Winx Season 1
...getting close to the slightly gruesome final battle spanning over several episodes which as way too many wiggly things. Been listening to the sound track of season 4 in my car - yes I know the words to all the songs :) And the order they are played in.  

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