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MoshiMoshiKawaii: Strawberry Princess Moshi's 30 Fabulous Notelets (Children's, non-fiction)

1st November 2012, Walker Books
30 pages, Hardback
Review copy

Themes: supreme cuteness, notelets to take out and send to people, finding things, encourages communication, bright and cheery colours, easy to tear out

Summary from Walker (This is Walker Australia as Walker UK doesn't yet have the book online)

Sending letters has never been so much fun with these thirty cute MoshiMoshiKawaii notelets.

These thirty tear-out notelets are fun to look at, fun to play and fun to share! The self-adhesive notelets feature lots of different Moshi and even some fabulously fun Moshi puzzles. The fifteen different designs mean that there are some to keep and some to send to friends.

Nayuleska's thoughts
The arrival of this delightful book brought out excited squeals in the kitchen. My family stared as I actually jumped up and down waving this book in the air, and asked how old was I.

Cuteness is not defined by the age of the beholder. From the cute Moshi mock stamp in the place where you can put a real stamp to the abundqnce of pink, this set of notelets is truly Kawaii! (Cute in Japanese).

There are a few pattern repeats which is cool. I love the range of Moshis, my favourites are the ones with kimono type clothes or cherries on them. You can tell this is Japanese because of the capital t with a line above it used for the postman moshi.

It's good that the reader is invited to search for particular moshi in the picture on the outside of the notelet.

There is plenty of space both to write the address and a message inside. I'm not entirely sure what self-adhesive means, but you do need to wet the strips on the notelet before you can press them down in this 10/10 read.

Find out more about MoshiMoshiKawaii online here. I've had a peek and it's awesome!

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