Thursday, 30 August 2012

Leave it to Eva by Judi Curtin (Children's, 10 years +, 10/10)

27th August 2012, O'Brien
256 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: summer holidays, mystery, home alone, midnight walks, going into foster home, fear, swimming trials, a baby mouse, second chances, a man hunt, fun times in London, learning right and wrong, an amazingly good friend, lots of humour and tough decisions, tissues needed

Summary from Frances Lincoln

Fun, feisty Eva Gordon’s never been one to shy away from helping her friends – whether they want her help or not! – but this time she might have found a problem that’s too big even for her …

When Eva and her family head to Seacove for their summer holidays, she’s looking forward to seeing Kate again, but it turns out things have gone very wrong for Kate. Her granny’s in the hospital, and with no else to look after her, Kate’s hiding out at home by herself, afraid she’s going to be taken into care. Eva tries to be a good friend and help her out, but how long can a twelve-year-old manage by herself?
It’s not just Kate who needs Eva’s help, though helping Ruby turns out to be a LOT more fun! Ruby needs Eva to keep her company on a trip to London where she’s trying out for a scholarship.
Is there any way the trip away with Ruby can help everyone sort things out? It seems impossible, but if you have a problem that needs solving, just leave it to Eva!

Nayuleska's thoughts
I love Eva to pieces. She tries to do the right thing, but struggles with internal conflict when what her friends want isn't the best form of action. Unexpected encounters provides opportunities for Eva to help her friends in need. This book in particular really touched my heart, as Eva learns more about emotions, and just how much emotions can hurt and change people. I had tears in my eyes at a few points, and cried at the end which is a sign to Eva that she makes more of a difference than she realises in this 10/10 read.

You can find out more on Judi's website.

Suggested reading
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