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Chrysalis Tribulations by M L Lacy

May 2012
438 pages, eBook & Paperback
Review copy

Themes: magic powers, cunning enemy, learning a new culture, trying to get past over-protective family, sneaking about to visit friends, kidnapping, learning magical limits, a lot of unrestful sleeping, astral projection, telekinesis etc, a few stromg adult romance, some highly violent scenes, infrequent swearing, a bit of horror, tissues are needed especially at the end

Book blurb

The exciting saga continues, as Bree’s eyes are opening to unimagined possibilities.
Reunited with her soul mate, Steven, and her protectors Bradley, Billy and Rick, she journey’s through a realm she is only now beginning to comprehend. 

Challenges abound, as she contends with the jealousies of her new status, from Madalyn and the two newest members of her clan.
As tensions escalate, the dynamics within her new family are enough to rock her world. And if that wasn’t enough to contend with, Esmeralda, her arch nemesis who desires nothing more than to wipe Bree from the face of the earth, holds nothing back as she strikes out at Bree’s family and friends.

Nayuleska's thoughts 
Bear with me in this review, as the first part was how I viewed it as I read it.

I was a little disappointed & frustrated that the story took until the end of chapter 4 to get going. I understand the need for back story, and realise that as Bree is my favourite character I have little patience for learning about her enemies. However one whole chapter without conflict and lots of description was annoying. With my not so strong memory I'd forgotten some details of book 1, and by chapter 6 still wasn't all that well informed on the back story.

Now having finished the story I sort of see why the other points of view were in there. The rest of it is so fantastic my annoyance only costs 0.1/10.

This story is chock full of thrills, action, beart in mouth moments and sentimental parts. Bree is truly a sweet heroine, very stubborn minded too. I love how she reacts when presented with oreos, and when she gets angry everyone knows about it. I was fully engaged with her, feeling every beat of her heart. Some of her dilemmas aren't ones I'd have, but they made me think on them.

Content wise initially not bad. Adult romance mostly not unexpected, but a few parts were borderline me putting the book down as they were rather disturbing., ditto one point which I'd term as horror Some of the violence was quite hard to read & deal with emotionally, but this is a mega-awesome read whose parts I dislike melt away under my enjoyment of the rest. It's one of the books I'll treasure forever.  

Suggested read
Make sure you've read book 1, Chrysalis The Awakening 

(new cover, different publisher) 

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