Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tangerine & Kiwi Visit the Apple Orchard by Laila Heloua & Nathalie Lapierre (Children's, Picture book)

September 2006 , Owl Kids
24 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: learning about apples, what happens in an orchard, checking apple wellbeing, family outing, personal pet, helping others,

Summary from Owl Kids

Join Tangerine and Kiwi as they visit an apple orchard and learn how apples grow. The latest in a series of unique, informative picture books, Tangerine and Kiwi is a terrific way for beginning readers to learn where their food comes from.
Nayuleska's thoughts
This is one of the books which I class as homely. The illustrations are appealing, they give off a sense of warmth and happiness. Tangerine and Kiwi are cool not just because of their names but they each have a pet which appears on each page, interacting with the scene and also being part of their accessories (Tangerine has a ladybird as her pet, and a ladybird bag. I will forgive Kiwi for having a worm (I have a great fear of anything that wiggles) because it is a cute looking worm. There is a lot of information in the book to encourage the reader to investigate apples & other fruit, with the added bonus of a yummy sounding recipe makng this a 10/10 read.

Suggested reading
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