Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nayu's Ponderings #1 Rain

So often (especially here in England) when it rains/drizzles/buckets it down/pelts it down/spits/pours, people describe the weather as


I'm guilty of doing exactly the same. (Note: I'm not saying it's wrong to say this, I'm trying to point out the other side of rain, excluding the flooding that can happen) However, with my own beliefs I'm taught that everything is a blessing, and I'm trying to see the positive in everything (apart from worms and snakes, from which I can't see a single positive. They may eat soil & vermin, but so do other animals!) Whatever your beliefs I'm pretty sure you can see logic in the following reasons which show the advantages of rain 

If all we had was sun....
such pretty flowers

...and we never had rain....
such a precious thing

Nothing would grow

Plants would die.

Animals would die.

We would become extinct without water.

Water is essential to life. It's worth more than gold,
 more than diamonds, 
 more than chocolate. 

A lot of people don't get much water. Certainly not water in a tap that's clean and easy to access. 

Shouldn't we be thankful for every time it rains, instead of dissing the weather just because it doesn't suit our mood?

I'd love to hear your opinions about rain - does it make you miserable, or is it just 'there'? Do you watch/read/listen to the weather every day, or do you just see what's out the window in the morning? (Which is what I do...unless snow is involved. But that's a topic for another time).


Beth Overmyer said...

I like rain :)

The pattering on the roof soothes me to sleep at night. The air smells so fresh and clean after a rain. And when it hits my skin, I can imagine that each drop is a tiny needle puncturing my skin...Okay, maybe I'm not *that* crazy about rain :-P

Still, you're right: It is a blessing.

Nayuleska said...

Yes! The rain smell. It happens most of the time, although not always.

Dr Bob Rich said...

Hi Nayu,

I found your site because I was looking for a pic of England in the rain. May I borrow yours for my newsletter Bobbing Around ?

Your words about rain are wisdom. They illustrate the Golden Middle: any extreme is bad.

I note that you review some adult books. Please look around my blog, and if one of my titles interest you, I'll be happy to send you a review copy.