Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Family and Other Freaks by Carol Midgley (Young Adult)

7th June 2012, Quercus
250 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: teen life trauma, sibling rivalry & hilarity, a dog in deep trouble, a midwife who hates dogs, have a baby later on in life, issues of dog biting, a queen of mean, bullying, environmental campaigns, teen crushes, lots of humour, the odd tissue needed

Summary from Quercus
Danielle is doomed in love and has the parents from hell. Her mum and dad are embarrassingly scruffy and their car bonnet is a different colour to the rest of the car. Worst of all, they're still in love, which is totally gross considering how ancient they are. Her best friend is a (nice) nerd, her love-rival is an airhead and her dog Simon is in love with an Ugg boot.

Despite all this, she hatches a plan - indeed many plans - to win the gorgeous Damien's affections. But when she brings Simon to the park to show him off in front of Damien, a smelly little accident lands Danielle with the nickname 'Dench the Stench'. Could things get any worse?

When Simon is accused of biting children in the neighbourhood and her Dad decides to have him taken away, Danielle's life truly begins to unravel. And then her mother announces she's pregnant - again - which gives Danielle's schoolmates even more ammunition with which to make fun of her.

Will Damian ever notice her? Can she save Simon? And will Danielle ever live her family down?

Nayuleska's thoughts
Danni is....quite unbelievable. She's a drama queen, which made her take on life entertaining. She is self-centred, doesn't realise that things she says hurts people, even though she herself has been the victim of bullying. She doesn't see who people really are until quite late on, which changes her personality for the better. I can say that she embraces life enthusiastically in this 9/10 read. It lost a point because Danni hadn't calmed down all that much by the end for me.
Suggested read

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