Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nayu's News #17

 (Random picture I found online - I think it ressembles all the thinking I've been doing this week) 

A few hopefully temporary changes to online activity
This week I've been unusually quiet-ish online. First I decided to only do these blog posts on my days off. I was so exhausted when I got home I didn't want to do very much, and certainly not use my brain power. Then I decided not to catch up with people on Twitter. 

(This is what would happen if I didn't take these measures)

This was a tough decision, but I really need every ounce of energy at the moment for writing. I'm hoping this period of extreme tiredness will ease up soon, but until it does no Twitter socialising for me. I still tweet, & respond to @'s, I'm just not taking the time out to read through the previous 24 hours of tweets that I usually do on my days off. I miss not hearing all your news, and laughing by some of the funny things you say. I've learnt from experience to listen to my body - and so this is what I'm doing....
This is actually one of the anime pictures which made me start the search for the Shugo Chara anime dvd. Amu is resting on her bed, with one of her charas (think pixie type people, only they are versions of Amu's self and can perform magical transformaiton with her). Ran is very good at sport (the name is pronounced differently in Japanese, more of a Lan), a great cheerleader and she gives Amu courage) 

Reading schedule tweaked
I've also started reading when I get home, rather than wait until later on in the evening. 
By then I'm not up for much concentration, so watching anime is a good move. I'd like to point out that watching anime isn't work, because it's fun! Languages = very cool. I did watch New Moon yesterday as part of Friday film night which I attempt to do every weeks. Sometimes it dissolves into an anime fest, which is always fun!

Writing news!
(anime girl writing)

Guess who edited virtually an entire chapter today!
Go me! I feel as excited as Kirino (left) & Saya (with starry eyes) from the anime Bamboo Blade when I have writing achievements.

I'm so excited about this - after being on chapter 9 for simply ages, reaching chapter 10 was a milestone. I worked in 15 minute bursts today, dividing it up with reading or anime. Then I got caught up in it all and 45 minutes later I'd finished it. I'm not banking on it, but there's a possibility (if my body behaves - ha!) I could finish this round of editing before I got back to work on Tuesday - whoohoo! 

Weekend activities
(some of the characters from the anime Negima dressed up in kimonos for a festival, which fits in with any parties people are having on the bank holiday Monday) 

For those who have a long weekend this week, are you up to anything special? Mine is just a normal weekend routine, with the bonus of an extra day for writing! Yay! 

Anime news
(Akari from the anime Aria the Origination)

I've belated realised that this is a review blog (wait a minute, you'll understand the context in a moment). Yes it's primarily a book review blog, but there's absolutely nothing stopping me from giving anime reviews too! 
So I aim once a week or so to have a round up of the anime I've been watching & what I think of them. That way these posts, Nayu's News, will be more news of what I've been up to, and a little less of the anime for those who prefer other things. Hope you like the upcoming anime reviews! 

(About a month or so to go until I get Wolf & Spice anime!)

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