Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nayu's News #12

 (random anime girl looking sweet in a purple outfit)

Evening all! More of a late afternoon, early evening really. Apologies for being quiet-ish over the last few days - been pretty tired by the time I've been in a position to write a blog post. 

Yesterday was a fab day. I managed to get my hour of editing in before a friend came over. 
(Me editing)

I knew that after seeing my friend I wouldn't be writing any reviews. I had a great time catching up with her over pan au chocolat... chocolate (x 2 cups and 2 different varieties)...
(like this only minus the cream and the glass mug. Mine was a little robin, and my friend's had bunnies on)

and fruit.
(We just had grapefruit, apple and raspberries)

Have I made you all hungry now? Heehee! That was the plan!

I was tired from all the chatting, so in the afternoon I mostly watched dvds and finished a book. 
(I was in a much comfier chair than this one, and with less books around me)

Today I slept until 9am - which is a little unusual in some respects, but not so much considering I've been tired this week. 
 (I was sleep in my bed, but if I hadn't been asleep there, I'd have done this over my books this afternoon)

I felt a bit funky so knew editing wasn't on the cards today. I had a fab time catching up with everyone on Twitter though
(me thinking on how to phrase my replies in 140 characters) 

I kick started the afternoon with some Winx, season 4. It's the episode where Roxy finally transforms into a fairy - here she is!

(I even remembered correctly what happens right before her first transformation. Good times) 

In the episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura there's a new girl on the scene: Lei Mei

(Don't be fooled by her looking pleasant. She has a real temper, especially if Sakura goes anywhere near her cousin (who is her fiance...go figure that one out))
(an annoyed Mei-Ling)

I felt less tired quicker than normal, so I finished the hilarious Polly Price's Totally Secret Diary: On Stage in America by Dee Shulman. What you see on the cover is exactly what it's like inside. Cool! 

I'm currently reading The Look by Sophia Bennett - it's a real tear jerker. I'm on page 33 and already I've cried. I'm hoping to finish this tonight, as I've got several hours free. 

That's me for this weekend! Work as normal tomorrow, so far nothing out the ordinary but I always get surprised each day by at least one thing. Have a good evening and will catch up soon! 

(Another poster of my Twitter Avatar Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf)

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aby si kakatua said...

Hi Nayu,
I do like the reading book cartoon girl picture who sleep under a tree
(If I'm not mistake, that is Ginko biloba tree)

I do remember had that cartoon girl picture in my computer, but mine was the original one I got from internet (the background was white, no trees and yellow grass)
Maybe yours was edited

6 years ago I lost that picture because my Hard Disk got bad sector, and I've search that picture for 6 years

If you still have the original one, please share the link
I really miss that picture