Sunday, 8 April 2012

Missing Mummy by Rebecca Cobb (Children's, Picture Book, 10E/10E)

12th April 2012, MacMillan
32 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: death of a parent through a child's eyes, misunderstanding, grief, anger, self-blame, changes to daily routine, doing something different, keeping memories alive, watching others mourn, lots of tissues needed.

Summary from Macmillan
Some time ago we said goodbye to Mummy. I am not sure where she has gone.
Nayuleska's thoughts 
Given that the front cover had me tearing up, its no surprise I cried through this book. Its written in a touching way, showing how confusing death can be to children. The crayon type illustrations seem fitting, I liked how all different emotions are discussed so the child knows it is ok to feel certain ways in this essential 10E/10E read.

You can find out more about Rebecca on her website.
Suggested read 
For older readers, try the touching Sweet Hearts: Forget Me Not by Jo Cotterill.

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