Friday, 30 March 2012

The start of the weekend

(Holo from Spice and Wolf - I'm getting the first season in June!)

I used to treat the end of the working week as a normal week day. I'd come in, relax for an hour and a bit, catch up with a friend online, then read & watch TV depending on what was on.

Not any more!

(Shana from Shakugan No Shana (Japanese title) eating melon bread - she can't get enough of it!)

Now I start my weekends in style, & it's super fun. I get in, grab a quick snack and a drink then head on up to my room and Sort Things Out.

(At least my piles of stuff aren't this big! Poor Aika in the Aria anime has a lot to sort - well, her tutor does too!)

During the week whatever I use & whatever post I get gets put in piles/bags and isn't sorted straight away. I'm usually too tired to contemplate figuring out where it all goes on my shelves and in my cupboards. So Friday is the time I actually put the stuff away. It can take quite a while with rest breaks. I even do the very rare thing of dusting. Like I said, it's rare. Today was mostly sorting out books - it seems I'm missing one Drina book, so might have to see if I ordered it or not this weekend. I had dvds to put away too, and clean laundry which somehow gets smaller as the week progresses. What? It saves me picking out clothes from my wardrobe! Tomorrow I need to sort and put a pile of clean laundry away - it's still finishing off drying.

Usually once I've finished the short tidy up I'm pretty shattered, and today was no exception. So I got myself clean, and now am getting ready for a dvd fest.
Friday night = movie night. Only tonight I'm not up for a whole movie. So I'm having an anime fest!

 The next few Winx episodes in Season 3 are sad ones (the one where Techna gets her Enchantix and vanishes *forever*)

 (Tecna in Enchantix transformation)

So I'm going to watch Pop Pixie - I'm on volume two where both Chatta and Lockette get their Pop Magique (not sure of direct French translation).

(Chatta in her Pop Magique transformation)

 Now, I really wanted to carry on with Negima. Unfortunately I've been missing disc 2 for an age. I knew I'd put it somewhere safe, but as usual that place eluded me.

 (It's common for Atsuna to hassle Negi at the start of the series)

Now, I really wanted to carry on with Negima. Unfortunately I've been missing disc 2 for an age. I knew I'd put it somewhere safe, but as usual that place eluded me.

Well, I was putting a wayward BBC series Robin Hood dvd back in its boxset...and out slilpped Negima disc! So no guesses for what I'm watching tonight! ^o^ heehee.

Do you have a special way to start the weekend? If not, why not start one! I'd love to hear about what you do.

(Akari in Aria anime with President Aria (yes, he's the cat)) He looks so cute! He may not talk, but he's highly intelligent and makes his wishes known).


Vivienne said...

I start it with take out! I like the way you start your weekend.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I don't really have any special way I start the weekend, other than I'm on a "relaxed schedule." I still try to make progress on writing things and cleaning, but the hubby is home and between him distracting me (and needing SOME days that aren't all work) I tend to take a rather lackadaisical approach to it. Which is nice :) We also often do things like get together with people on Saturday's. This week it's Mo's bday so we are going to go see family :D And I made this huge breakfast feast I almost couldn't finish...

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Oh yes, and I used to use your method of putting away clothes, and it worked fine because I was always neat (ish) when getting something out of one of the piles. My husband doesn't seem to be capable of that so I almost always get things put away the same day I wash them now...