Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pets in Need by Mark Abraham (Children's, 7 years +)

February 2012, Red Fox
176 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: animals, vets, birth and death, humanity, caring for others, tragedy, the joy and trials of animals, unusual and common diseases, children's point of view, knowledge, a lot of humour, tissues needed (more for laughter than anything else)

Summary from Random House Children's Books
Marc Abraham, the UK's favourite vet, introduces a cast of loveable characters in this story of his life as an emergency vet.

From the bouncy retriever puppy with a sore tummy to the tiny gerbil pregnant with triplets, every poorly pet is cared for in Marc's busy surgery.

Featuring real-life insight into life as a practicing vet, as well as hints and tips on caring for your own pets, this is a perfect book for animal lovers everywhere.

Abridged from the adult edition,
Vet on Call.

Nayuleska's thoughts 

Awww was on my mind a lot of the time as I looked at the colour photos and read the individual animal tales. I liked how sensitively death was dealt with - which includes 'ghost' cats. Nothing is held back in the areas of a vet's job which aren't glorious to do but gain a lot of personal and customer satisfaction when completed. I didn't quite understand the end of the cow story - that was with reading the cow section over 6 times -so I give this 9/10.

You can out more on Marc's website.

Suggested readLots of animal behaviour in Take Me Home by Melissa Wareham (link goes to my review on a friend's website)

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