Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Twitter Avatar Identity, Winx Flora's Enchantix, & general news

For a few weeks I've been wondering who this anime character is. I've adopted her as my Twitter avatar, and I'm starting to use her quite a bit here now. 

I was squeeing with delight by a comment this morning. This girl is called Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf! More info here.... (I'm not an affiliate of wiki or anything, it's the first explanation I came to) It sounds an awesome anime, with Holo being a wolf goddess. You can be sure that when I'm able to treat myself again, I will be buying this anime as it looks just my thing. 

Here's another nice Japanese picture of her. 

Squeee! I'm editing this post to add that the first season of Spice & Wolf is released in UK in June! I'm so preordering this! I have to. It's my duty as an anime fan, you know? Whoohoo!

On other news I have recovered from yesterday's evil bout of bad nausea. With the spring break coming up, I'm hoping to get lots of writing and reading done. Thanks to having Wednesdays off work, I'm ending up with an entire week off (starting next Wednesday). I'm pretty excited about it, as I hope I can finish the latest version of Sky Fairies book 1. 

Speaking of fairies naturally leads to the fairy show which I watch most days, Winx!  (It has to be the French version. I don't have the English one, and I don't want it. Having heard lots of clips online for different languages, French is definitely my favourite.) Because I haven't been able to read as much as I like lately, I've been watching a bit more of it than usual because it's one of the few shows which instantly cheers me up.

 (Flora with Enchantix full view from here

 (Flora with Enchantix close up)

I'm nearing halfway through Winx season 3. I love all the episodes in all the series, but in seasons 3 my favourites are when the girls get their Enchantix. I've just had Flora receive hers - the colours suit her so well. 

(Flora in normal mode with Mielle from here)

Her little sister Mielle is adorable, and I start tearing up every time I watch the scene when Mielle falls in the pool and Flora gives up her life to save her. (Only thanks to Enchantix she doesn't die).

That's pretty much it for today - short and sweet as I have books to go read! Enjoy the rest of your evening.


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I'm glad you are feeling better :) And I love the cute pictures you post!

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