Friday, 17 February 2012

Socks Are Not Enough by Mark Lowery (Young Adult)

 (The donkey reminds me a little of Eeyore) 

February 2012, Scholastic
Review copy

Themes: living with family who have radically different views on life, childhood trauma, retreating from the world,  over-controlling parents, psychological support, being in the wrong place at the wrong time consistently, teen romance, some humour, tissues needed.

Summary from Scholastic
 Michael Swarbrick is a teenager with a LOT on his mind. The girl he ‘admires’ is dating his brother who is a complete tool. His friend Paul Beary is a pervert, and keeps landing Michael in some very awkward situations at school, particularly where the girls’ changing room is concerned. To top it all off, he has discovered that his parents are nudists – and they’re about to go public.
Nayuleska's thoughts
I felt so sorry for Michael, who ends up in trouble when things aren't his fault. Some of what he does is weird but the rest is misinterpreted. I like the way the truth was revealed little by little in the diary type entry while he dealt with the consequences. This gets 10/10 for sensitivity of a tricky issue and a realisitic insight into a teen boy's life
Suggested Read
For a read about a boy who needs emotional help and who everything goes wrong for try Donut Diaries of Dermot Mulligan by Anthony McGowan 

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