Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Alien Invaders #2: Infernox The Firestarter by Max Silver

July 2011, Red Fox 
120 pages, Paperback
Review copy
Themes: space, adventure, being a pilot, quick thinking, saving a forest, heroism, lots of action and peril
 Five awesome aliens have been unleashed from the darkest corner of the galaxy - and they're out to destroy the universe.

Only Cosmo, a young boy from planet Earth, has the power to stop them. Recruited by the elite defence organisation
G-Watch to defend the galaxy, Cosmo must prove himself and commence battle against the deadliest aliens in space . . .

In his second mission, Cosmo and his ally from G-Watch, Agent Nuri, are sent to the tropical planet, Zaman. The terrifying alien Infernox is using his deadly fire powers to destroy the jungle planet and its valuable medicinal plants. Can Cosmo and Nuri work together to stop the evil Infernox, or will the galaxy be forced to surrender?
Nayuleska's thoughts 
I'm loving the various catchphrases which Cosmo uses, and I get excited every time he transforms into another alien. It's such an awesoms concept! Due to the evil snake monster I give this 9.9/10.

Find out more about the series on Max's website.

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