Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pop Pixie Season 1 Volume 1 (French version, children's dvd)

As a huge fan of Winx, I was delighted to get my hands on the spin off series, Pop Pixie! It's all about the Pixies. I confess that I looked on a certain reference online source for the gist of the series. I'm glad I did, because it is set in a sort of alternate world to Winx. There's no mention of Winx, the Pixies can have transformation powers, some of them are boys (including Digit, but I haven't really seen her/him yet), they live with gnomes, are pestered by elves, have jobs. In short, it's fun! 

I love it almost as much as Winx - I give it 9.9/10. The -0.1 is for the theme tunes. They are very catchy, with fun graphics. However, they seem a little short. I understand the episodes are shorter than Winx episodes. It sort of makes sense, as the series is more about the lives of the Pixies rather than several large story arcs. The opening theme song is virtually long enough. But the ending song feels as if it's cut off suddenly. And that annoys me every time I see it. 

Otherwise Pop Pixie rules! There are lots of new Pixies, but old familiars are there too. I haven't really seen Piff, I've seen Tune who is supposed to be younger in PP (she looks it). 


Chatta is typical Chatta, always chatting!


 I wish that Lockette would quit her job at the hotel because she always looks so busy and her boss is stingy. 


I haven't really seen Digit yet, but I have seen Amore and oh wow! Amore has a potionery (ok, so not quite sure what it's called - apothecary?). She is quite a character, still timid in some social circumstances but can pack a powerful punch. 

(Amore (plus Chatta's arm))

Another feature which is rather sweet is that when the Pixies cry, lots and lots of water comes out - they have to use umbrellas, or grab buckets to catch the tears. Or worse, when the weather fairy comes on the scene. 

I totally recommend watching Pop Pixie. You needn't have watched Winx to enjoy it, although watching Winx will provide a bit more insight to the main Pixies' characters. 

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