Friday, 4 November 2011

My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent (Young Adult, Paranormal)

(Do you like the cover? It's a new style, new to publishing. It's so pretty!)

21st October, 2011
304 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Young Adult, Paranormal

Themes: high school life, ex partners, dealing with betrayal and trust issues, nightmares, living with doubt, addiction, possession, ice cream, the power of friendships, secrets, evil getting evil-er, a lot of tension, moderate teen romance, a few laughs and places to smile.

Book blurb
Sometimes dreams can come true...and that's the last thing Kaylee Needs. 

Working things out with Nash - her maybe boyfriend - is hard for Kaylee. She's already coping with being a teenage banshee. Worse, Nash's gorgeous ex-girlfriend just transferred to their school. 

Sabine's no ordinary girl. She's a mara, a real-life walking nightmare. Draining people's energy through their darkest dreams sustains Sabine...and makes her Kaylee's top suspect in a cluster of super-creepy deaths. 

To win back Nash, Kaylee's determined to unearth the truth. But Sabine knows the deathly secrets of Kaylee's subconscious - and she's not afraid to use them to get whatever and whoever she wants...

Nayuleska's thoughts
All through this book I maintained my I hate Nash campaign. What he did to Kaylee in the previous book was unacceptable, yet Kaylee has mixed feelings which don't straighten out much by the end. I was impressed that even during the tough times she was able to work with Nash. I especially liked the character who helped her out a lot more, who was there for her when times were tough. I'm not mentioning names on purpose. Emma continues to be a great friend, especially all the times she and Kaylee share ice cream. The stakes are higher than ever, and go past Kaylee's relationship with Nash. It isn't just about hellion's with a grudge against them, those in the Netherworld are branching out onto earth.

This book is as good as the others, and deserves 10/10.

Suggested read
Obviously read the previous books in the series: book 1 is My Soul To Take.

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