Saturday, 29 October 2011

Win a copy of Rachel Vincent's My Soul To Steal

If, like me, you've read the previous Soul Screamer books and want to get your hands on the latest, then get ready to enter a competition so you can win a copy of My Soul To Steal from the lovely people at MIRA Ink! They are giving away 10 copies of the book. If you haven't read any in the series before, don't worry. I now worry slightly less about jumping into the last book in a series, as usually there is a summary near the start and apart from a few minor plots which I understandably don't understand the entire significance, I usually enjoy the book and then go off in search of the rest of the series. 

All you have to do is click here, then click on either the still or animated image (animated image will be on my review, Blogger Gremlins depending) of My Soul to Steal and leave a comment. I'm not on Facebook, so I'm guessing the important terms and conditions are on the site somewhere. 

Get entering! 

(and please remember I've currently got a whopping 3 competitions running on the menu to the right ->) 

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