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Guest blog post by Kimber An, author of Sweet Bytes

(Such a dreamy cover!)

Today as part of the marketing for Kimber An's latest novel, Sweet Bytes, Kimber An has kindly allowed me to put up one of my favourite incidents. I haven't got a copy yet, but I'll post the review up as soon as I've read it. I'll hand you over to Kimber An, enjoy! 

Bianca Loses More Sewing Machines That Way

By Kimber An

Good morning, Nayu and all her buddies!  You may remember me, Kimber An, and a guest post I did for Nayu a while back.  There’s an excerpt in that post and, yes, it did make it into the final draft!

Like my professional teenager-daughter, Nayu likes Bianca, the identical twin sister of the heroine of my Ophelia Dawson stories.  Bianca is, well, nuts and very high-strung and extremely imaginative.  She goes through a lot in my new book, Sweet Bytes.  She starts the story grief-stricken over the death of her beloved daddy, mostly, but also secretly over failing to even try to protect her sister during the Newblood attack in Sugar Rush.  She’s not a classic Kick-Butt Heroine.  She got terrified and reality hits her hard that her sister, whom she adores, could’ve been kidnapped, raped, and killed while she screamed uncontrollably for her mommy.  Now, she’s gotta work through that and find her own inner strength, because the demons who haunt Ophelia are only getting started.
In Sugar Rush, Bianca flies into a raging grief when she’s told of her father’s death and throws her sewing machine out the window.  It’s Nayu’s favorite, so I revisited it for the new book in her honor.  Here it is!  Hope you like it, Nayu.

***SWEET BYTES***Bianca & Ophelia & The Sewing Machine.***

All the old emotions flooded her mind and she stood in the center of her room and grabbed her head in both hands. Everything she’d processed raged through her, anew. And then the memories of those two early days in September crushed her heart and she screamed.
"Adrian loved me!  I loved him!" Ophelia screamed. "All the way back then!  Tristan knew Martin was a Newblood!" She hoisted up her sister’s sewing machine and hurled it out the window, glass shattering and parts banging on the rocks.
Just like Bianca did on the day her father died.
"My daddy might be alive right now!" Ophelia screamed at the wind blowing into her face. "I hate you!  I hate you!" She spun around to grab something else to throw.
Mom and Bianca stood in the doorway, gaping.
"What?" She screamed. "I’m a teenager!  I’m entitled to an occasional hissy-fit!"
Bianca stepped carefully past and peered out the smashed window. "I lose more sewing machines that way."
"Too bad we’re out of snowmen to destroy," said Mom.
"I say she needs more practice on this method first. She just kinda chucked my machine." Bianca wagged a finger at the busted sewing machine on the street. "I really hurled mine, you know what I mean?  I put some spin on it."
"I don’t want to talk!" Ophelia stormed out.

***End of SWEET BYTES Excerpt***

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Kimber An said...

Thank you, Nayu! Sweet Bytes just went on sale at the Noble YA website, but you all can comment on this post to win a copy for free.

Of course, Naya rates a free copy anyway, because she's a reviewer! ;) If any of you are blogging book reviewers too and want to review Sweet Bytes, please just email me.