Friday, 23 September 2011

Warlock by Michael Scott (Children's, Fantasy)

Doubleday Childrens

2 Jun 2011,Date Publisher
400 pages,Review copy
Teen Fantasy
Themes: Magic, Fantasy, Violence (not graphic)

Summary from Doubleday Childrens

It's here where the summary of the book from Doubleday Children's should occur but...
This is a series of 6 books. Some readers will join the story a year or more after publication while others may wait for it to appear on the shelves - so some will be reading book 1 (The Alcehmyst) while some are reading book 6 (The Enchantress). Any summary after book 1 is BOUND to provide spoilers to readers who are behind the publication. Because of this I would like to omit the summary but summarise how I have enjoyed the series....
Book 1 (The Alchemyst) 5*
The twins are found by the Flamels but are also pursued by Dr John Dee on a chase across the world
Book 2 (The Magician) 4*
I found this book to be a  little similar to The Alchemyst  but different enough to still be great fun.
Book 3 (The Sorceress) 2*
This was, plotwise, very similar to The Magician and had I been waiting for The Necromancer then I wouldn't have bothered because I would be expecting a repeat of this book.
Book 4 (The Necromancer) 4*
When I did read The Necromancer I was very pleasantly surprised to find a very different book which I did enjoy  but still not up to The Alchemyst.
Book 5 (The Warlock) 5*
Now I was thoroughly pleased to have continued with the story but the summary on the back gives very definite spoilers to ....
Book 6 (The Enchantress) ?* - but I am hoping for 6*
We do now have everything set up and the threads in the story are so twisted and tangled it will be fascinating to watch it unravel.

If you are a fan of Teen Fantasy with plenty of magic and some violence (but NO soppy romance) then make sure you read all of this series - but in the right order - and leave off reading the summaries.. PLEASE?


Lyrical Brown said...

Gotta get back into this series, I read The Alchemyst AGES ago and have The Magician sitting on my shelf. Must try harder!

Nayuleska said...

One day I'll actually get to reading book 2 & beyond.

Nayuleska said...

Also meant to say great review, thanks Gerry!