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Be Mine by Kelly Daniels (Paranormal Romance)

October 2010, Decadent 
268 pages, e-book
Review copy

Paranormal Romance 

Themes: stalkers, vampires & werewolves in contemporary setting, family ties, life for the rich, uncertainty, fear of being found, on the run, intimidation, wanting to be safe, confronting fears, headstrong female protagonists, ice-cream, keeping family safe, some violence, a lot of tension, surprisingly few occasions of moderate adult situations

Summary from Decadent
Stubborn and independent, Elle Galligan wants only one thing - to be left alone by her crazy ex-boyfriend, Lukas. He continues to terrorize her, each act more vicious than the last. With no choice, she seeks out the one man she's turned her back on from the past - only to be thrown into the unknown. 

Successful Prince of Darkness, Larik deWolf, spots trouble the moment Elle calls him. In an ongoing war with Elle's shiftshaping ex, Larik is left with no alternative and vows to protect her from the evil stalker her, only to draw Elle closer into the mysterious world he hid. As danger strikes, history deems to repeat itself. When attraction binds them together, Elle threatens his supernatural abilities and control. Larik finds himself opening up his heart to the one woman he's tried not to love, but will she accept his secrets or continue to fight fate? 

Nayuleska's reasons for loving Elle...she doesn't want to be pushed to doing anything by anyone other than herself, she hates dragging her much loved family into her messes. She's determined to fix everything herself, but learns that sometimes she needs help. 

Is there another character who deserves a mention? Elle's sister Millie is hilarious, a realistic sister who people shouldn't mess with - including Elle, but they do occasionally work together, even when Millie drives Elle nuts. 

How evil/nasty is the enemy? Scary stalker ex-boyfriend becomes scarier because he has fangs and all the supernatural abilities associated with vampires, and is exceedingly clever in his obsessive plans. 

Are there lots of plot twists and surprises? I can't empathise enough what a joy to read this is. Elle doesn't realise how dangerous Lukas is, his stalking acts made my spine tingle. Elle is pretty stubborn which is a disadvantage because she is blinded by wanting to be independent. All the characters are solid, I smiled a lot at the sisterly interactions and the surprises just kept coming. 

One of my favourite parts was... the end. It was very awesome, having me hope there might be another book. You don't mess with sisters! 

This edge of the seat read which made me eat dinner late just so I could finish it is worthy of 10/10 and will definitely be read again. 

Suggested read
For another supernatural read of a stalker based story with a feline twist, try P J Schnyder's Heart's Sentinel

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WOW! I am so happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks for another wonderful review, Nayu.

Heather Bennett
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