Thursday, 11 August 2011

Blog tour: Invisible Fiends: Doc Mortis by Barry Hutchison (9 years +)

4th August 2011, Harper Collins Children's Books
288 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Children's, 9 years +, horror 

Scary to a factor of 1000, gory, might give those who frighten easily (me!) nightmares (it didn't), will appeal to those who love things that go bump, hospitals, child's imagination, fear, clowns, horrendous mutants, funny in a few places, lots of peril

Summary from Harper Collins
Kyle wakes up in hospital – which is strange, because he doesn't remember being ill. And that's not all. He's also deliriously flitting in and out of the Darkest Corners, and in the shadow version of the hospital the surfaces aren't clean, and the sharp instruments aren't used for healing. It's Kyle's most terrifying experience yet, and it's about to get much, much worse. The doctor will see him now… The fourth installment of this darkly comic horror series

Nayuleska's reasons for loving Kyle...his brain works at triple speed when faced with a fate truly worse than death. 

How evil/nasty is the enemy? The Doc is a psycho, a lunatic, obsessed with hideous experiments that dont always kill but do make the patients suffer. 

Are there lots of plot twists and surprises? The bizarre world was forever changing. I was freaked out enough that it makes a dracula story seem like a bed time read. I need a long time before I read the next book (for once I'm glad of the gap between books when published)

One of my favourite parts was...when Kyle showed great compassion to I C, who needed comfort. 

For those with braver hearts, check out more on Barry's website. I do give the book 10/10 for freaking me out and being really clever. 

Suggested read.
Try the book which I thought was the scariest ever, Bloodline by Kate Cary. 

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