Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Nayu's DVD Watching Challenge #3 Winx Club, Alias, Shakugan no Shana

It's week 3 of my DVD watching challenging! I've been watching a fair amount lately - it's a great way to relax after word when my brain is too tired to read. 

First lets have a look at my progress on The Winx Challenge!

Last week's goals = be on disc 3 of season 2
Actual goal = I am on disc 3 of season 2! 

I've watched a few episodes - the girls have recently go their Charmix power. I'd thought they received it much earlier in the series, so yes at every episode I was going 'Charmix?' There have been a few differences amongst the Winx, they've misunderstood each other and the Specialists. However, through Charmix they've learnt how to get around the differences, and are now getting on better. 

Poor Layla still feels a bit out of the loop especially when Stella forgets to include her in conversation (says 5 instead of 6). 

Bloom is gaining more information about her real parents, although the finer details such as where they are remain a mystery. 

Musa has held her first concert at the Specialists HQ - it was a huge success and her father agreed to let her pursue her career in music: he'd wanted to take her way from Alfea and make her be a dancer. It's a feel good episode, one which I re-watched several times whenever I played that particular disc. 

Flora remains a firm favourite, the connection she has with nature is incredible. 

Techna has a tendency to be blunt and refuse to listen to the Specialist Timmy, but she's getting over that. 

Stella is Stella! Still opening her mouth and putting her foot in it, and seeking centre stage. Her kind heart is showing a bit more now.

The Mini Fairies are brilliant - they provide great back up for the Winx, and they even have their own adventures. 

This week's goal = finish season 2 and make a start on seasons 3. 

Next up: Alias

Last week's goal = to finish season 1

That goal was nearly over-ambitious as I'd forgotten how many episodes I had left to watch. I finished the season this morning - I've kept it on while I've been writing emails, sorting out blog posts etc. I've seen the first season several times,, so I know what happens next. It's still really exciting, and knowing a bit more of the following seasons means I can look at events with hindsight. Spoilers are ahead. 

At the end of season one....

Will, Sydney's reporter friend, has been kidnapped by baddies, and rescued by Sydney. He's in complete shock when he finds out who Sydney is and what she and her father do. While in a so-called safe-house, he gets shot by one of Sydney's enemies. Will he survive? (yes he does) 

Francie has decided that on finishing her business degree or whatever she's doing, she's going to open a restaurant. I remember it gets a bit chaotic in season two as she prepares for the opening. 

Sydney, on realising her mother's death was faked, goes on various missions. She's really annoyed with the CIA as they tested her and held her prisoner because they believed her to be the woman referred to in Rembaldi's prophecy. They weren't going to let her go, which would ruin her cover at SD6, so Vaughn and her father kidnapped her, and made her see a particular sight which, according to Rambaldi, the person in the prophecy would never have seen (thus proving it wasn't Sydney who was destined to cause chaos and destruction). 

That's all well and good - she goes off to find out more about the mysterious circumfernece. It had been a very small red ball. At the end of the season its a very large red ball. She disengages it, the place gets flooded with water. She legs it out of there, Vaughn follows but he kept looking back, so slowed down and the doors shut, separating him from Sydney. He is presumed drowned (he isn't, but the story gets complicated at that point). 

Sydney herself - well finally she gets taken/captured (I wasn't quite paying attention at that point) by the individual known as The Man. That is a total misnomer because The Man is actually a woman, and surprise! It's Sydney's mother. 

That's where the season ends. Pretty hard hitting stuff - I'm so glad there are 4 more seasons to watch! 

This week's goal: get onto disc 2 of season 2

Next up: my 3rd challenge, Shakugan no Shana!

This time round of watching I've put the subtitles off. I'm understanding more than I thought I would - I think I'm getting used to some of the technical terms used by Shana and other flame hazes. Shana has eaten a fair amount of melon bread. Another flame haze, Margary Dor turned up - she's a very strong, outright character, who in future episodes has a tendency to drown her sorrows/celebrate her joys and become inebriated. 

Last weeks' goal = to move on to disc 3.

This week's goal: = to move on to disc 3. 

I'm only on disc 2.....I hope to be on disc 3 by the end of today. 

That's it for this week's goals - here's to completing them by next week!

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