Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nayu's DVD Watching Challenge #2 Winx Club, Alias, Shakugan no Shana

If you can cast your minds back to last week (you'll be doing better than me, I can barely remember what I had for lunch today), I started my very on DVD watching challenge! This week I have added to other series to the mix, one TV series (English/American), one anime. I'm posting them all here so that I don't end up with heaps of posts.

First lets have a look at my progress on The Winx Challenge!

Week 1's goals = Finish season one, and start season 2.
Actual goal = I'm now on disc 2 of season 2!
This week's goal = be on disc 3 of season 2

Now one awesome series, Alias, has been purchased to do things going boom, and lots of action. Most of my stories require action, ingenuity and inventiveness, all of which are portrayed by Sydney, who is a double agent for the CIA and a very nasty organisation SD6. Google it and you'll find loads of info. This is the first week of watching it, so there wasn't a goal from last week.

This week's goal = to finish season 1

In the last episode I watched today, Sydney had to creep around SD6 boss's house, take photos of a document in his safe, while she had dinner with the evil boss, his wife, Sydney's own father (who is a double-agent) and a journalist friend. What Sydney didn't know was that Sloane, the boss, had wanted Will (the journalist) to be killed because he was pursuing a story to do with SD6. That didn't happen because Will's got the message and is off the case.

I must quickly go to my 3rd challenge, the amazing anime Shakugan no Shana!

I've just received it back from a friend who borrowed the series. It is a bit complex to explain, but Shana has special powers, is a Flame Haze, along with the talking locket/necklace Alastor (who is a very powerful entity). She meets up with Yuji, who is actually dead. He doesn't realise that he's been replaced with a 'torch' because his human self was eaten by mystical creatures. Shana expected him to fade away - all torches when their life force decreases they go poof and the world carries on as if they never existed. However, Yuji is a Mystes - a type of torch which is highly sought after by everyone who's bad. So Shana sticks around him. Yuji is considerate to all his friends (most of the time). I love Shana because her skills are so awesome - her hair goes red (with flames) when she transforms. She's so funny at school, she adores Melon bread and terrifies all the teachers. This is one of my favourite anime, not only are the characters fun and cool, but the soundtrack is very awesome too. 

This week's goal  = to move on to disc 3 (I'm currently still on disc one)

That's it for this week's goals - here's to completing them by next week!


Jadey! said...

I remember loving Winx Club!

Nayuleska said...

:p It's a very engaging series. I've just watched a few episodes!