Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Winners of Marrying Out of Money by Nicky Schmidt competition

It's rare I have to extend the deadline of a competition, but I now have more than one entrant. Three isn't bad. I would have posted sooner (I meant to post on the day) but I've been whisked away by germ gremlins this weekend. I promise they don't travel over an internet connection. 

Before I announce the winners, here are the three destinations the entrants would like to live at, if money was no object. 

West coast of Scotland 

Private island in the Mediterranean

Where they live now, although perhaps a bigger place. 

There's a real range of answers there :) As for me,  I'd love to live in a land where all my friends are next door, instead of on a different continent, and in some cases half a world away from me. 

Wishes don't affect the outcome of the competition. I can reveal the winners who will receive a copy of Marry  Out of Money are....




Many congratulations! I'll send on your details to the publicity team who will sort out two copies of the book for you. Maryom knowing what you read, I think you'll like it. Kulsuma - it's the second book you've won recently on NRC! I promise the winners are picked by random :)

I urge everyone to keep an eye out for the next competition, which will be celebrating my 2nd year blogversary! I'm planning on a different giveaway to books this year. More details coming soon!