Thursday, 14 April 2011


Couldn't think up of a more funky title - sorry!

Reviews are still happening here. Apart from my Monday memes, I'll be ditching all memes at the moment. I'm starting to have problems sleeping, which means I crash out after work and have almost zero energy for internet activity.

Here's how the week will look:

Monday: What are You Reading? meme & my One Liner meme.
Tuesday: a review
Saturday: a review
Sunday: a review.

Depending on how many books I read, I might squeeze in reviews on the other days. But I can't guarantee that, so please don't expect it.

I'm hoping that things will improve around the beginning of June (either with new treatment or a slight change in medication). Rest assured I'm still reading lots of books, and have fun reviews coming up soon. And 2 competitions! It's easier on me if I allocate Weds/Thurs/Fri as non-blog days (unless I'm posting a link to reviews I do on different sites).

Keep on reading!

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