Friday, 11 March 2011

EVENT CLOSED Win 1 of 5 copies: The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel, UK ONLY, ends 11pm GMT 29th March

The lovely people at Hodder & Stoughton, who are looking after the release of the latest book in the Clan of the Cave bear series, released on 29th March (and it's so popular there are zero review copies until the official publication day)  have an opportunity for you to win one of five copies of the first book, The Clan of the Cave Bear. 

I remember reading it about 7-9 years ago, and I'm currently re-reading it. The book was actually first published 30 years ago, which is a pretty long time (in my view!). It is a timeless book though, and it'll appear to everyone who loves adventure, hardship, the sense of belonging in a family and historical books. It's clear how much research Jean has done to create the series. There was even a film made of the first book (although  I don't think that was too popular). 

I highly recommend the book: here's what the publicists say about the first one: 

Jean M. Auel wrote the first book in the series ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear’ thirty Years ago, the story was about a woman called Ayla, from a long time before our own.  Ayla was an orphan and an outcast looking for somewhere to belong. She found a place in the hearts of millions of young readers all over the world. The Clan of the Cave Bear became an instant global phenomenon.  The Clan of The Cave Bear was loved by young adults who enjoyed the love story and that have continued to follow the series as they’ve  grown up.  

Here's how you can win one of the five copies! 

To enter: Fill in this form, answering the question whether you'd rather fight off a bear, a lion, or a mammoth. 
Winners: 5 entries chosen using a random number generator will be selected to receive a copy of the book. 
Open to: People in the UK only, since the books are being sent from the publisher. 
Competition policy: Please make sure you check out the competition policy before entering. 
Closes: 11pm 28th March, GMT. 

Get entering!! 


Sarah said...

It's so nice to see you're a fan of this series too! I LOVE these books :o) I'm actually planning a whole blog week for the release date of the new book. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Hope you're well hun xx

Nayuleska said...

I just finished the first one yesterday. Will have to look online to catch up with summaries of the rest. I think I must have stopped reading part way through, because I don't remember most of the book! It is awesome though :)