Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wednesday what?

Currently feeling under the weather. Even had a nap this afternoon, which is pretty amazing. I can't quite remember what I'm doing this Wednesday. I think it's the What I am Watching meme. Here's a short version of what I've been watching.

Sasami: Magical Girl's Club. Finished the series. As ever it's one of my favourite anime, being quite sweet when the girls make up at the end. It really shows how easy it is to misinterpret what someone says/does.

The Unit: Still working my way through season 4, which is the last one. Nooo! It's getting so good, I'm going to miss it when there's no more. Still, I will be rewatching it.

Noir: another of my favourite anime. Yes I have a lot. This on is about two assassins. One has amnesia, and no idea why she can kill so easily, put a gun together etc (she is only a girl...maybe 16-18). The soundtrack is pretty cool too. Yes, this is a violent one....but there's so much to it. *happy sigh*

Claymore: anime: it's a new one, I'm restarting it (I've watched perhaps 3 episodes previously). Quite gruesome in places, but I love the concept. There are monsters, then there are Claymore (that's what humans call them, which proves important in the first episode), who are half human, half monster and can detect the monsters (who look like humans). Claymores are only girls (by that I mean young women so probably over 18 years), and eventually the monster within them takes over.

Bamboo Blade: another feel good anime that always makes me smile. It's about a girls Kendo team (there are 2 boys on the team too). It's all about friendship, getting along with people etc. Will review this in depth at some point.

Heston's Mission Impossible: Channel 4 on Tuesdays. Really quite interesting what he's done for a children's hospital & also for a cinema chain (who are apparently very big...and yet neither I nor my family had heard of them. I'm wondering if this depends whereabouts you are in the country)

Masterchef: it's fun to see what food everyone cooks.

More next time, I'm going off to get better :)

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