Monday, 14 March 2011

One Liners: An Avid Reader and Father Time Compromise #2

"One Liners: An Avid Reader and Father Time Compromise" the place where my love of books meets a busy schedule and in lieu of passing up the chance to share the book with you, I'll share the book(s) read in brief; enough to pique your curiosity without over indulging. Sound good? Here goes....

Princess Poppy: The Play by Janey Louise Jones
Release Date:  March 2011
Publisher:  Picture Corgi/Random House
32 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Children's, Picture Book


Summary from Kids at Random House:

Poppy is putting on a play in her garden! But there's so much to do - she will need tickets and costumes and actors and a story. Her best friend Honey is taking part, and so are her cousins Daisy and Edward. Everyone in the village will be there for the performance, so Poppy wants to make sure everything is just perfect. But when Poppy starts ordering everyone around, the others name her Princess Bossy Boots, and won't help her any more.

What should Poppy do to save the play?
Nayuleska's Thoughts:
As ever I adore the tales about the girl who loves playing princess. This time she puts on a play. Well, she tries to. She's a little madam, bosses them all around so her friends leave her on her own. It's realistic how she gets upset after, and how her mother explains her behaviour wasn't exactly princess-like. She says sorry, and then makes up & helps out. I love her mother's costume best! Lots of glitter and it's really funny. Definitely add this to your Poppy collection! 

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