Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thrilling Craft Adventure Meme #2

Today's meme consists mostly of photos of work I've done, with a little comment on it (feeling lazy & want to get chapter 14 written today). 

This is a bunny I made using spare yarn from a hoodie, for my Japanese teacher's baby. 
Below is a close up of her face.  

This is the hoodie! It has a simple cable pattern on both front sides, the same cable is repeated once down the centre of the arms. The back of the hoodie is plain, and the hood is plain too.

This is a close up of the cable pattern.  

And here's a closer look at the bunny buttons! Aren't they cute?! 

This was an orange cardigan for my teacher's baby. It was quicker to knit than the cable (cable takes time...I'm not that fast with it yet). This one was simple, I just had to knit (or purl) a group of stitches at a time. It was fun to whizz along.  

Here's a closer detailed view of the pattern on the arm.  

This is what it looks like from the back.  

This is the blanket I knitted for my teacher's baby. The central heart is in garter stitch, with little bobbles surrounding it.  

This is a close up view of the bobbles. I'd never created them before, and they were quite easy to make. The only problem was that the bobbles liked popping through the other side.  

This is the cross stitch picture I made for my sister. It's not all that easy to see, but surrounding the picture is a half cross stitch sea of blue (supposed to be the sky, I think). 

Here's a close up.... 

...and another one. It's easier to see the stitching. This is where I confess the mistake I made. At least 3 times I used the wrong colour thread. I did unpick most of it, but when I did the boots I couldn't be bothered. So they are mostly pink, rather than just being fawn.  

This is the cover of the cross stitch kit I'm working on at the moment for a friend who's just had a baby.  

This is my progress so far. Because it's quite little, it is growing quickly.  

This is a close up view. I love the kit because ribbon will go at the top, and I'll have to put sequins on the shoes! (That might be tricky....but this is a perfect gift for my friend who loves shoes).  

This is the Japanese lady cross stitch kit which I sewed several years ago for my mother. I've added the shoe picture just to give you some perspective of the size. Plus there's an extension lead next to it - I promise that is always switched off! 

Here's a close up view, as far as I can go without missing out most of the picture. It took me months to do this. I loved making progress as I worked with the sections.  

The backstitch took forever to do. However, it wasn't as frustrating as the metallic thread. I learned to loath metallic thread with this kit. A serious vendetta built up. It would break easily, it was hard to use. Grah! I try and avoid kits with it in. Over all, I love this kit, because it turned out quite good. Years on and I can't remember where the mistakes are, which is a good thing!  

Okay, these are two lots of yarn I have. This is the stash which is for fingerless gloves/socks for me. I love the yellow! I've got another skein, so I might see if I can knit a shawl with it.  

This pop-up cube is my stash of baby yarn. I have a wide variety. 

I would say the rest of my yarn stash, is definitely the same amount as the baby yarn stash above, possibly a little more. I've mostly got sock yarn, with a few others that are probably going to be for presents. 

That's it for this week's meme. I hope to show more often progress of my knitting & sewing (which means I might just stick up photos every week, even though I only planned to do this meme fortnightly.) 


maryom said...

Is this what you've been doing while not on Twitter? In that case we should all give it a rest occasionally.
I'm seriously impressed with the Japanese lady - that must have taken months if not years! I've slipped out of the habit of doing much embroidery at all. I find knitting generally easy enough to do while watching TV - it also stops my fingers getting bored and heading for the biscuit tin, which has to be good!

Nayuleska said...

Yup! I know read virtually all day Weds/Sat/Sun, so that during the week I can relax with dvds after work, & knit or sew.

I know the Japanese lady took under a year...but I've forgotten how much under a year it took. It's so relaxing to do :) And it's a good way of making presents for people.

Asamum said...

Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pics, I am in awe of your creativity.

Nayuleska said...

Thank you :) Craft is fun!

Anonymous said...

I am an avid cross stitcher and am VERY IMPRESSED w/the Japanese Lady you stitched for your mom. You are truly talented! I share your frustration w/working with metallic thread! Cat =^..^=

Nayuleska said...

Thank you! I wouldn't tackle such a large project now, that's for sure! Still have to work with metallic thread on my current cross stitch project - pictures should be up on my blog Monday ^o^