Sunday, 16 January 2011

Watch your back, there's a new crime blog in cyberspace

Crime is an exciting genre to read. Usual there are gory moments, tragic moments, edge of the seat moments, I-want-close-my-eyes-but-I-can't moments, No Way!! moments, as well as moment that turn your stomach.

4 writers have created a crime blog

Anne Cassidy who has written The Dead House and other books.

Gillian Philip who has written the Darke Academy series, (I haven't yet read any of her work...)

Linda Strachan, who has written Dead Boy Talking (I haven't read her work either...)

and Keren David, author of the awesome When I Was Joe & Almost true (about knife crime in London) *waves hi to Keren*

Crime central will have up to date info about crime books, from both authors and readers. At there moment there is a competition to win a signed copy of The Dead House.

Spread the word and get entering!


Cliona said...

I've seen it, it's great isn't it? ( The blog)

Nayuleska said...