Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ballerina Dreams #1: Poppy's Secret wish by Ann Bryant

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this edition June 2006 (original was in 2004), Usborne Children's Books
112 pages, Paperback
Review copy 


Ballet, school, friendships, jealously, frustration, ballet exams, getting in trouble, lots of happy moments, chasing dreams, success 

Summary from Usborne
Poppy desperately wants to take the ballet exam with her best friend Jasmine. But when a new girl arrives in class, she’s distracted. She's convinced she’s failed but a little help from her friends means her wish might still come true.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I love anything to do with ballet, school life, and friendships. I feel that these are themes which never fade. I don't do ballet at all, but I appreciate the hours of dedication it takes to become proficient at it. A lot of young girls take up ballet, and this book is a great example for them. It gives an idea what ballet class is like, the structure of the class, what is expected of the girls. I liked the little touches of how the ballet school smelled - it reminded me when I did ballet when I was very little - everywhere really does have the same smell! 

Even for those who don't care for ballet, this book is still enjoyable. Whatever hobby people pursue, a lot of time must be dedicated to it. Proficiency doesn't happy overnight. Passion is often needed to really excel at something - Rose is a good demonstration of how without passion, a person won't necessarily do very well. I feel that Poppy learnt a few lessons in the book, how not to judge people before they've proven what they are like. Also she got in trouble at home a little, which girls can relate to as they grow up. In Poppy they'll see someone like themselves, which is always a relief. I know several times when I was little I felt I was the only person on the planet who got punished! 

Final conclusion
I'd read it just because the cover is purple! It is a fun, girly book which will delight readers of every age, regardless of whether they do ballet or not. 

Check out all the books by Ann Bryant on her website. Ann has also written books including Party at Silver Spires. 

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asamum said...

My middle girl loves these :D
My favourite colour is purple too :D

Nayuleska said...

It is the best colour in the world :) As is yellow and some shades of blue.