Thursday, 6 January 2011

Author Interview with Rachel Vincent

As it's Rachel's debut Young Adult launch today, she has kindly answered a few questions concerning her latest book, My Soul To Take (which is pretty awesome!). 

Where did the inspiration come from for the Soul Screamers series?
Lots of research and brain storming. Really. It’s mostly just hard work. ;)
Did you always intend for Kaylee to have so many people who knew about her power, but who wouldn't tell her straight away? Why not have her understand it from the start?
I wanted the reader to be able to experience the discovery with Kaylee. We would have missed out on that experience if Kaylee had known what she was from the start. 

I really like how this series is family based (like Alpha), and that the protagonist hasn't got a mystery power that no one else in her family hers. Do you write family based books intentionally? 

Um…no, not intentionally. In fact, in the new adult book I just finished, the main character has no family to speak of. But I’ve noticed in polishing the manuscript that she tends to gather her friends around her like family, so in the end, I guess it’s all about the support group. Friends or family, even fictional characters need someone to depend on.

I obviously don't know what's going to happen in the next two books, but would you ever consider writing a novel from the point of view of the reapers? Theirs is a dangerous and scary line of work, with a lot of mystery involved.
I recently wrote a short story (“Reaper”) from Tod’s point of view. I don’t know if I could do an entire novel like that, but the story was fun. It’s available in most electronic formats in the US, and it’s free on my website in PDF format, so you can read it no matter what country you’re in. So long as you read English. ;)

The ending is dramatic and emotional: did you always intend for it to end like that or did it just write itself? Was there ever any alternate endings?
There were no alternate endings on this one, though I have been known to do that with a couple of the Shifters books. But I do like a dramatic finish!
Thank you so much for your time Rachel! Be sure to check out Rachel's website here. 

Additionally, the new MIRA Ink website is now live! Come and check out out here (link to follow shortly). 

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