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Skate School #4: Going for Gold by Kay Woodward

1st December 2010, Usborne 
224 pages, Paperback 
Review copy 


Ice skating, friendship, Winter Olympics, health and unhealthy competition, 

Summary from Usborne 
Frankie’s dream has come true. She’s made it to the Olympics and she’s going for gold! But the competition is fierce and one of her rivals will stop at nothing to win. Can Frankie keep a cool head and skate to perfection when it matters most?

Nayuleska's thoughts
Skate School belongs in my light and fluffy range of books. This is a complement :) Lately I have few books that don't involve violence, paranormal, horrific events. I loved reading this book. I was so sad to learn it was the last one in the series! Frankie has come such a long way since she first arrived at the school. She's made good friends and a good enemy. I say good because Scarlett surprised me in this book. I sat back thinking 'wow'. She isn't all bad :) She isn't perfect either! 

Frankie has so much to deal with. I know she's 16, but it's still a young age to be in the Olympics. It's a huge change, being in such a competitive place with lots of other people competing for gold. I wouldn't expect all athletes to get along, but sadly Frankie encounters the nasty side of competition. It's sad that people resort to such measures to win. Frankie is a good girl (mostly), she worries when she breaks the rules. She has to deal with unwanted attention. If the pressure of being at the Olympics wasn't enough, she has to deal with Dylan acting weird on her. She understands why student relationships are frowned upon. She has to bolster her friends' spirits, who in turn help her at the crucial moments. Frankie makes some mistakes which could cost her a gold medal. I needed tissues throughout the novel. I cry very easily. I teared up when she wasn't able to speak with her family much. I cried when she called home, and when she learnt who was coming out to watch her skate. I cried heaps at the end because it was all so beautiful! (And  I'm tearing up now which is just silly!) 

One of the things I like most about Frankie is that she is so talented, and she doesn't realise how good she is. It keeps her from getting a big head. Plus she has self-doubting moments which I can easily relate to. 
I still adore the moments when she gets absorbed in the skating, I can imagine her doing all the moves (even when I don't understand how they look). It's such a vivid book, throwing the reader into Frankie's world which is a tough one. Although Frankie's experience is unique, I think readers can take a lot away with them upon finishing this book - and not just a half empty box of tissues! The front cover is also rather funky, with the stars shining away however you tilt the book. 

Final conclusion 
I'm sad that this series has come to an end, and hopefully one day Kay will write another series involving a school. Skate School is a sweet, heart warming series full of lows and highs of adolescence, as well as following the extremely talented Frankie. 

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