Wednesday, 1 December 2010

200 followers contest!

It's a truly lovely sight to see my follower count hang at 199. It means my views on books are getting out to a fair amount of readers. I would keep blogging even if only one person read my blog. As a huge thank you to everyone who follows me, I'm going to offer one follower the chance to win a book of their choice.

The catch?

I'm not holding the competition until I actually get 200 followers. And, if I get 250 followers, 2 people can have a book of their choice!

So if you'd like the opportunity to win a book (up to the value of £10), nudge your friends in the right direction.


WritersBlockNZ said...

I'm oding something similar on my blog but its only for 100 followers lol. Thanks for the contest! =D

Nayuleska said...

100 followers is a big milestone. I had 100 at the beginning of this year :)